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Who is Plymouth Rock Technologies?

Plymouth Rock Technologies Inc. is a team of established, Scientists, Engineers and Entrepreneurs that have proven themselves in prior roles. 

What is the mission of the company?
What kind of threats do Plymouth Rock’s products detect, and in what kind of environments?
What kind of technology is it?
What is your expected time to market?
How do PRT products differ from other airport portal systems?
How does PRT’s business model differ from others in this industry?
Will the company be addressing all three market verticals at the same time?
Who are your existing competitors?
Is it portable?
Is this technology safe?
How much money have you raised so far? How much is needed to complete development?
Is this something larger defense contractors would have an interest in?
What is the target price of the final system?

Plyromouth Rock Technologies

Plymouth Rock Technologies
202 South Meadow Road
Unit 5
Plymouth, MA 02360

Stock symbol

Plymouth Rock Technologies  Inc. is publicly trading in Canada on the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) under the symbol PRT.


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