MIRIAD (Millimeter Remote Imaging from Airborne Drone) opens up a range of applications which currently cannot be currently addressed due to the large weight, shape and size of millimeter-wave imaging systems. MIRIAD uses a novel antenna design, which is lightweight and 3D printable.



Wi-Ti (Wireless Threat Indication) leverages the ubiquitous nature of Wi-Fi bands used for communication which scatter from the human body and any objects they are carrying. This scattering can be used to indicate whether or not a person is carrying a concealed weapon, such as a gun or IED.

Shoe Scanner

Shoe Scanner

Compact microwave radar system for imaging through shoes to screen for concealed explosives, narcotics and other inclusions. Rapid screening of footwear without necessitating removal. Screening time of person takes a mere 2 seconds, with ‘Walkthrough’ variant possible.

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