Millimeter Remote Imaging from Airborne Drone


What is it?
MIRIAD is a compact, RF sensor package that is specifically designed for use on UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles). The basic sensor format will be designed to support a variety of missions but will be initially optimized to detect weaponry or suicide devices concealed on a person in an outdoor environment using passive millimeter wave radar.

How it works

  • MIRIAD uses a unique ultra-lightweight antenna to capture radar images of target subjects within a wide field of view.
  • The captured radar image data, along with high resolution video is then backhauled wirelessly over a high capacity data link to a central processing center for data analysis.
  • Using algorithm based digital signal processing techniques the radar signature is analyzed and overlaid onto the video imagery to display a real time image of the video capture that includes an indication of any concealed threat item.
  • The technology uses both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) techniques to positively Identify a threat and its exact location on subjects within its field of view.
  • Multiple MIRIAD equipped UAV’s can be supported by a single data processing facility to cover large areas

Enabling Technology

  • PRT unique 3D printable, ultra-wide band, imaging antenna.
  • Algorithmic digital signal processing combined with machine learning to create a library of known threat signatures.
  • PRT AI delivered over a universal AR interface

Primary Applications

  • Outdoor public event crowd screening
  • Special Police and Security service Operations
  • Forward Operating base protection

Future Applications

  • Remote Infrastructure inspection and analysis
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspection
  • Search and Rescue (Land and Sea)

MIRIAD Jargon Buster

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that takes the world around you and adds virtual content on top such that it looks like it's actually there in the real world.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that react to consistently to a set of tasks like identifying something that it out of the ordinary. This can be data, a radar reflection or anything you want it to see or detect.

Artificial neural network (ANN) has several advantages but one of the most recognized of these is it can actually learn from observing data. Put simply ANN takes data samples rather than entire data sets to arrive at answers, which saves both time and money. ANN’s are fairly simple mathematical models to enhance existing data analysis technologies.
3D printing, also called additive manufacturing , is a family of processes that produces objects by adding material in layers that correspond to successive cross-sections of a 3D model. Plastics and metal alloys are the most commonly used materials for 3D printing, but it can work on nearly anything – from concrete to living tissue.

(COFDM) Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing is a state of the art, extremely robust transmission technique. Using multiple radio carriers, the COFDM technique provides high-quality real-time video images in environments where conventional transmission would fail through interference.
Security Drone


MIRIAD can be added to the sensor package on most Military and Security aircraft also on commercially available ‘quad copter’ type drones to provide capability in the following areas:

Security imaging of personnel for example for concealed weapons or IED

Security imaging of personnel, for example detection of concealed weapons or IED’s.

Military inspection for emplaced threats (IED, mines etc.)

Military inspection for emplaced threats (IED, mines etc.) 

Military inspection for emplaced threats (IED, mines etc.)

Non-destructive inspection of oil and gas pipelines and plants through most cladding materials and paints.

Military inspection for emplaced threats (IED, mines etc.)

Navigation in degraded visual environments (smoke, dust and mist).

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